100 Sunnahs

We collected 100 actions from Sunnnah that a Muslim should make during the day without spending a lot of time and still getting a huge reward: how to go to the toilet, to eat and drink, to go to bed, to wake up , how to dress, to enter the house and other things that we do many times a day. By doing simple everyday things according to the Sunnah of the Messenger of Allah sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa salam we could get a permanent award and it will bring Barakat into our lives. Also we provide the reader by different dua in Arabic with transliteration and translation with explanations of Imam al-Ghazali of ‘Ihya Uloom al-din “of the relevant sections. © http://darulfikr.ru/story/fiqh/100_sunn





Bustan al-‘arifin

An outstanding scholar of Islam, Imam Muhyiddin an-Nawawi doesn’t need an introduction. This imam is probably known by every Muslim who is interested in their religion. Proceedings of the Imam an-Nawawi in Hadith and Shafi’i fiqh are the cornerstone in these sciences: study them, memorize, they are based, they cite, translate into different languages. We present you a very important work of great imam an-Nawawi “Bustan al-‘arifin”. It is devoted to issues of Islamic morality, its spiritual core. This guide is for the acquisition of laudable moral qualities, motivation for followers of the path that leads to happiness in both worlds. We ask Allah to make this book useful for us and all Muslims! © http://darulfikr.ru/story/tasawwuf/bustan_kitab





Illumination of hearts

This book is a collection of articles which reveal the most pressing and controversial issues such as holding mavlid, reading the Quran near graves, tawassul, istigasa, following madhhab, Aqidah (creed) of the righteous ancestors, Sufism and other important themes. All articles based on the Holy Quran, the Sunnah in the understanding of outstanding scientists, the sources mentioned. The book is approved by the Expert Council of Muslim Religious Board of the Republic of Dagestan. © http://darulfikr.ru/node/4842






Truth about sufism

The topic of Sufism cannot be separated from Islam, as well as the theme of Islam cannot be taken separately from Sufism. This book reveals the truth about Sufism. The truth that tried to tell us the author Kuramagomed-Hadji Ramazanov rahimahuLlah. In 2008 -after the author was assassinated- the book was published in Avar language. Now you are holding in your hands the book translated into Russian language. “The truth about Sufism” answers a lot of questions on subjects that bother ordinary Muslims and it busters all the modern myths that surround Islam in general and Sufism in particular.







40 hadiths about women

This book a collection of pearls of Sunnah wisdom, a book about women and for women. The author tries to reveal the essence of the women’s role in society, rights and duties of brides, wives, mothers and daughters. Each hadith is given with Abu Ali explanations and commentaries leaning on books of authoritative Sunni scholars. © http://darulfikr.ru/taxonomy/term/7333





Peace be with you and all your families.