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August 2015

August 3rd, 2015|


February 2015

February 26th, 2015|


“The sea holds upon its surface the deadman totally obeyed. The one who is alive and slightly hesitating in doubts, how can he survive in open sea? The same as if you die getting rid of human features and learning the secret ‘Die before death comes’ then sea of mysteries will keep you afloat.” © Mawlana Jalal ad-Din Rumi

February 21st, 2015|

Шип – инверсия розы,
Кинжал – инверсия сердца,
Когда его клинок пронзает тело изнутри,
Чтобы стать блеском в лучах рассвета,
Любовь становится инверсией боли…

© Hanifa Shams

February 13th, 2015|


Arabic language is beautiful not just because of calligraphy. But due to its content within great meanings.
Noun ‘qalb’ (heart) im arabic formed from the verb ‘qalaba’– ‘rotate’, ‘transform’, ‘overturn’. That is the word ‘qalb’ means not only ‘heart/core’ but also ‘turning’, ‘transformation from one condition to another’.

February 6th, 2015|


Even if thing seems to be insignificant you can see in it much more. Never lose ability to notice in little details — depth.Especially talking about us. People of twenty first..

January 2015

January 24th, 2015|


Сохранять достижения прошлого. Искусно облекая его в новые формы. Всматриваться в детали, экспериментировать. Стремиться понять саму суть линии. Ее характер. Чтобы росчерк, ложащийся на бумагу, смог передать именно то, что ты хотел сказать. Именно это, достойно глубокого вздоха и пристального взгляда. Мира вам.

January 6th, 2015|


January 3rd, 2015|

My clients know that I don’t make multiple variants of logotypes (as I always warn about it before we start). Therefore, I ask before ordering to send me examples of works that they liked due to understand the style and the general direction.. But sometimes it happens that I fall in love with an in-between version so that my work begins to bloom in the process and gives birth to something new.flamelogo-preview-1

December 2014

December 31st, 2014|


December 2014

December 22nd, 2014|