Project Description

Feedback from client: 

I really enjoyed the process of creating my logo. You took the time to explain the different steps in making the type of logo I wanted. Made me understand why different calligraphers/ designers avoided doing what I ha previously asked for. I think you asked for reasonable fees. Stuck to the time frame set. Expeditious in the design process and in answering my emails. I thought that long distance designing will be very difficult but it really was not through your prompt replies. I appreciate putting up with my requests to demo the different color schemes and the extra work I did.

I love the final product and look forward to using it. I highly recommend dealing with you to anyone I know.
My best regards and many thanks.

I used to refuse to carry out orders when a client sent me links to my artworks as an reference of the desired logo. Higher price, more time spent. But with every new order I fell in love with this process more and more – creating a vector from not simple forms indeed. The work for this client based on my previous art-piece — Morning Flame. Working on it was marvellous. Fascinating. Walk this way with me. Step by step.