For Sanji. All his features are what I appreciate, such as, his blond
hair, his costume, hair style, smoking, good cooking skill, and the like
.His clothing, at first, will render people a misleading impression that
he is a gentleman. However, he is a real libertine and he always can’t
help staring at beautiful women .As soon as he sees pretty young ladies
he will immediately come up and address them with high compliment. But I
still think he is cool, not the kind of Zoro’s style. Zoro sometimes
brings a cold feeling to me, while Sanji are liable to give me a
pleasant and warm sensation .He is such an disingenuous man that he
frequently pretends to be strong outside, actually he is tender inward
with a delicate heart, which can be spotted when he left the restaurant
on the sea .He shed tears when Jiji asked he to take good care of
himself. This scene also moved me. When he makes his mind to seek the
all blue and join in Luffy’s group, it is really exciting .I am looking
forwarding what will happen in their voyage.
From episode 33: I realize that Luffy is a determined man—–as long as
he sets his mind to do something, he will accomplish it. Therefore, I
hold firmly that he will find ONE PIECE. There are some precious
qualities with Luffy which I admire extremely, such as he has his own
judgment, his trust in his friends, his benevolence, and the like. Once
he made his conclusion, others’suggestion can’t be accepted. It appears
he is a bit ego at first, however, as the plot goes, I find most of his
decisions are right and I begin to be one of his followers , like Zoro
who takes stock in Luffy completely and recognizes him as captain. Naïve
as Luffy appears to be outside, he is smart when judging from true or
false. When he was told Nami has betrayed them, he even didn’t listen to
the explanation, because he has faith in her. Sanji is also something
like Luffy, at times, what he thinks is different from what he
From episode 86: When Chopper first appeared in my sight, my impression
was that: how lovely the reindeer is, so cute, and I am fond of him. I
didn’t feel anything weird about him and didn’t realize he has a blue
nose until people mentioned it. What I thought about his appearance was
the color of his clothing fitted well with his pink hat and blue nose.
Nothing was discordant. Just like a little child, he appeared to be a
bit shy and unable to control his temper well. Then the story between
Doctor and Chopper began. Kind as Doctor, no one in the country could
understand him. The same experience shared by Doctor and Chopper
connected them together. Doctor treated Chopper as his son and they
lived a happy life before Doctor’s death. Although Doctor died, his
spirit will last forever, for Chopper will succeed the spirit. As long
as someone remembers him, he is still alive in the world.
From episode 148:Zoro showed his trust to Luffy once again. They are
beaten by Bellamy’s group but didn’t fight back. At first, I was very
confused about the motivation of such reactions. Then there came the
flashbacks of Shanks and Ace, who were treated as Luffy’s aim. That made
me gets their intention. Another important person appeared in this
episode—Marshall D Teach. He commented this battle that Luffy’s group
was the winner and said something sounded very reasonable. I thought he
would be Luffy’s friends and do them a favor when they were in trouble
later. However, as plot developed, it proved I was wrong.
From episode 210: Chopper was chosen by Foxy because Luffy’s group lost
in the game. Chopper was so cute that I can’t help smiling when he was
crying, but there were also some worries. The sight of his tears made my
heart ache, but I deeply believed Luffy would bring Chopper back, just
as they all had faith in him. Chopper looks like a child and actually he
is, which make us give more care to him. He often cried for some little
thing and as timid as Usopp, but I can tell his adamancy in his heart.